Praesideo Strategy



At At Praesideo we believe a loss of opportunity is acceptable while a loss of capital is not. Our goal is to deliver exceptional risk–adjusted returns regardless of market direction. Our strategy includes allocating capital to the best alternative investment opportunities available in the world. We accomplish this by carefully constructing our portfolios and managed accounts — balancing risk with return, reward with opportunity, and volatility with capital allocations.

“We focus on performance and enhanced value through our ability to source, analyze, and monitor managers.”

We believe great alternative investments are difficult to find and must be discovered through exhaustive research and valuable industry contacts. We place significant emphasis on an alternative manager’s investment research process, leadership and management skills, and overall business model. While we conduct meaningful quantitative analysis to confirm our qualitative analysis of a manager, in the end, we believe alternative investment and manager research is more art than science.

We focus on performance and enhanced value through our ability to source, analyze, and monitor alternative investments and their managers. Our thorough and rigorous process of research and due diligence coupled with our portfolio management experience and expertise have yielded an enviable track record that spans over 20 years.

Our portfolios are carefully constructed based on risk control and capital preservation coupled with our perception of opportunity and return. Assets are allocated to alternative investments within a portfolio or managed account in a manner that allows the investments to complement one another, controlling risk, and adding value to the overall investment objective. We believe size is usually antithetical to performance. Consequently, we tend to invest our portfolios in small, nimble alternative investments and their managers.